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26 Insane Phenomena That Glued Our Eyes Tight to the Screen

The world is filled with amazing, jaw-dropping phenomena. And ever since Photoshop was invented, not much could surprise us anymore. But the wonders of nature and coincidence will always win over a beautifully created image. Have you ever come across a snake that looks like a dragon, or an island that looks like a kaleidoscope?

We, at Bright Side, gathered some insane phenomena caught on camera that might make you look twice and appreciate our world even more.

1. Blue lava from a volcano eruption in Indonesia

2. Art installation by Alicia Martin showing 5000 books pouring out of a building

3. Floating Island at Disney that looks like a kaleidoscope

4. These shells that piled up on the shore of this beach look like grass in the wind.

5. These 2 buildings that make it impossible to understand which one is at the front and which one is at the back

6. Street art in Australia that looks photoshopped

7. A sinkhole in Guatemala

8. A great white shark posing for the camera

9. The butter stain on the knife looks like a forest with trees.

10. At a beach in Bora Bora a person creates patterns with their jet ski.

11. This glass that falls down perfectly after it’s been broken

12. This fire faucet

13. This coffee stain that looks like an eye

14. What the underside of a sawfish looks like

15. A mirrored building that looks like a cage with clouds trapped inside

16. This crab trying to pay for something

17. A door key that has holes instead of cuts

18. This is what a Wild Pacific Lamprey looks like.

19. A giant wood-carved octopus

20. What a 29 ft wave looks like

21. An extremely long bench

22. Japanese monkeys hugging in freezing cold weather

23. This little dog being alarmed by a frog

24. Long grapes that look like eggplants

25. Paint in a sink that looks like a Pollock painting

26. An upside-down picture of cute bats hanging from the ceiling

Which of these images did you like the most? Have you ever seen anything extraordinary that you rushed to snap a photo of? Please let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends to make their day.

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