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26 Kids’ Photos That Could Make You Feel Embarrassed

We all have at least one failed childhood picture that we’d like to hide and never show anyone. And many people actually do that. But there are some individuals who post the hilarious photos from their childhood and don’t feel embarrassed at all. They just don’t care that millions of people may see their weird haircuts and outfits.

Bright Side thinks that everyone should share these masterpieces and you should have a look at them.

26. “Apparently, this was the best photo my family could get for my first Christmas.”

25. “Always told myself that boys were too intimidated by my maturity in 8th grade.”

24. “When she was 8, my girlfriend was Elton John for Halloween.”

23. “Here I am winning the ‘Little Miss Piggy’ award at a mud volleyball tournament in 1998. I was sprayed down with a fire hose afterward.”

22. “Back in high school when I thought having a rising sun haircut was a good idea.”

21. “This is 12-year-old me in 2009. This wasn’t a costume.”

20. “I used to think it was cute to dress up like my doll.”

19. “6th grade was a rough year.”

18. “I really want to tell you guys this was a one-time bad phase, but honestly I have 12 years of equally bad looks.”

17. “This was when my clown phobia started.”

16. “My wife was the only 1st grader to be mistaken for the school secretary.”

15. “This is painful to share, but I thought I was a bad girl in middle school.”

14. “In 7th grade, I didn’t have a date to the dance, so I cut out a picture of Brendan Fraser, taped it to a stick, and brought it with me.”

13. “1994, 1st grade, I’m 7. My stepdad says I wanted my hair cut that way...”

12. “I tried to rebel with this haircut.”

11. “I was always too embarrassed to smile for photos so I’d just make weird faces like these instead.”

10. “I was so intensely into the dance recital. I thought I was so cool.”

9. “I was 10 going on 40.”

8. “I was always the most photogenic of my friends.”

7. “My original 3rd grade school photo (left). Mom demanded a retake (right) with the instructions, ‘Smile! Show some teeth!’ Note which one got framed.”

6. “I’ve always been a grandma trapped in a kindergartener’s body.”

5. “I wanted dreadlocks in high school. Mom gave me braids.”

4. “2004. It was ’clown day’ at school. I was the only one in a costume aside from the clown at the assembly. Thanks, mom...”

3. “Apparently, I didn’t know how to smile in 1st grade.”

2. “That time I married my giant stuffed Pikachu.”

1. “I was 10 when I realized people with no bangs had grown them out, not cut them off.”

Do you have any childhood pictures that you don’t want to show? Are you brave enough to share them with us?

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