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26 Lazy People Who Found Shortcuts for Life

We all get lazy sometimes. Too lazy to clean the house, wash the dishes, go out for sports, play with the children, or go somewhere. But some people surpass all boundaries and find a way to live without fighting laziness.

Bright Side collected 25 photos of the laziest people in the world.

26. Steve, do you remember how to do it without segway?...

25. Why should I stand if the house is going to burn anyway?

24. No pain, no gain. It's not about the dog owner, of course.

23. Evolution, technology, eating without the use of your hands...

22. They say dogs need to run every day, but people don't!

21. When you're too lazy to even tilt your head:

20. Thank goodness for the inventor of cocktail straws.

19. Maaan, I don't need a plate.

18. They train only in the gym.

17. Not only people are lazy.

16. Invisible + homeless + LAZY

15. At least he won't have a second chin.

14. Yeah! Pajama parties every day!

13. Chairsurfing is a breathtaking sport.

12. It's very hard for his hands...

11. Brilliant! He must patent it.

10. Is it really comfortable?

9. No time for 3 more toes. Busy, busy.

8. She always takes a chair with her.

7. Well, he is literally sitting on a chair.

6. Sorry, but removing the tree is not their job.

5. His trash can is probably in another city. Or on another planet. Who knows?

4. Whew! At last, my abs will create themselves!

3. She's not too old-fashioned to walk with a baby with a Segway.

2. Just a creative mess!

1. Oh no! It's Christmas again?!

Have you ever seen lazy people like these ones? Maybe you have some pics with them? Tell us!

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