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26 Optimists Who Won’t Back Down From a Problem (Warning: Don’t Try at Home)

For some people, a problem is just another exciting challenge. There is always a solution to any situation, we just need to be ready and brave enough to face it. These folks didn’t let any bad luck spoil their plans.

Bright Side collected the most hilarious examples of creative engineering.

1. “This is what happens to dinner when the wife goes out of town.”

2. Keeping the feet busy

3. When you want to spoil your favorite shoes with a day at the beauty parlor:

4. Safety first!

5. A tea party for tough guys

6. When your athletic skills help to solve math problems:

7. Game of Thrones — tech style

8. This person has gotten used to a certain level of comfort...

9. Only wussies defrost things!

10. It’s about time to fix something...

11. This is not what you usually mean by a candlelit dinner...

12. “I think I’ve seen this guy in my yoga class.”

13. Rock and ride

14. Like a pro!

15. Smiley pants

16. When hunger is your inspiration:

17. DIY air conditioning 101

18. That’s what we call recycling!

19. If no one wants to play with you, get creative!

20. The first ever shoe-less shoes

21. “Smoke alarm kept going off in our cabin every time we cooked. Nothing was burned and there was no visible smoke so we had to get creative.”

22. Something is going really wrong...

23. An almost invisible fix

24. Woody’s relocation is complete.

25. “She’ll be alright.”

26. Just screw it!

Bonus: the cutest little engineer with his first invention

Have you ever invented anything like this? Share your ideas in the comments.

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