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26 People Who Are Having a Very Bad Day

Some people say exercise can do wonders to improve a bad day. Others believe that having a good day or a bad one depends mostly on your attitude. Those who have survived the worst of days will most likely agree that it takes a bit of both to recover from a tough one. However, sometimes, there are just some situations where it seems that almost nothing can help!

Bright Side has found a few people who suddenly found quite a lot on their plate.

1. Out of all of the balconies...

2. He thought he was a dog...

3. Strawberry milkshakes forever!

4. Well, that will certainly wake you up!

5. No one ever said reaching the top would be easy.

6. Just a bit of rain. Just a small puddle.

7. It could’ve been worse.

8. Let’s just hope she saw it in time!

9. Will the warranty apply here?

10. Well, that’s enough golf for today.

11. What everyone fears after a tough day at work:

12. Well, that was unexpected!

13. “You mean, it wasn’t like this when you brought it in?”

14. Oh, nooo!

15. That’s one way to add some color to your life...

16. Never fall sleep while you are eating and sunbathing.

17. Wrong time. Wrong place.

18. Is this how you do it?

19. This isn’t how coffee is supposed to help you wake up in the morning:

20. Well, there’s no longer a problem with the water pressure!

21. Just the worst!

22. Guess it’s safe to say that one out of 6 cars has air conditioning.

23. Just another happy day at work!

24. Yogurt doesn’t seem that healthy anymore...

25. Rain, rain, go away. Come again another (work) day.

26. This isn’t the type of school you can just run away from...

How do you usually recover from a bad day? Share your stories with us in the comments section below!

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