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26 People Who Had a Front-Row Seat to an Epic Fail

We all have bad days. Some are worse than others and some are just funny. But these people you're about to see don't have much reason to laugh since their days are as unlucky as ever. Still, seeing the proof in photos has never been so much fun. Please forgive us, guys.

We at Bright Side hope that our readers have a great day every day. Unfortunately, it looks like the stars of the photos below couldn't be helped by anyone. Here are 26 people on their worst day.

Climbing over never looked so bad.

At least he's ok. The part we can see...

40 in of pain

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Now he definitely needs more scissors.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Asked to put every onion ring in a bill by itself. They don't all cost the same.

Not all the rings are made the same.

Hungry seagull

Birds can get hot too.

My basketball got stuck between the backboard and the wall behind it. So I threw a rock at it to try and get it down when this happened:

The definition of sticking it.

So my friends at work accidentally broke a pipeline and as a result, there's now 30 tons of flour on the floor.

Clean it up? Piece of cake!

My first day of class starts in an hour and the battery to my clippers just died. Well, so much for first impressions...

Well, he's a got a half of a first impression.

Oh...That wasn't grass.

You should've checked first.

Started the day off poorly.

No diaper rash on your gums anymore.

I was hit by this as I walked under it...

That's how they get the patients in.

Playful cat it is.

Hide and seek: cat style.

That's a sign – no work today!

I think you should take the hint.

The whole new meaning of homeschooling

Education hit them hard.


Is it me you're looking for?

No one will steal it...

... cause now there's no point in it.

Best cheesecake ever.

For the mice, that is.

She won't be winning any cooking competitions any time soon.

I wonder what this was supposed to be?

Snowy day, huh?

The owl is mocking, for sure.

Was carrying this artwork to school when the pavement happened.

She should give the first picture instead.

Every woman's nightmare

Time to bring out the extensions.

Macbook and romance don't mix.

Such an expensive mistake.

Playful mood?

Not with your fortune!

Ice cream will help you get over this bad day!

Or maybe not...

The king of his castle

Although, I believe he'd prefer to be a keyman of his castle right about now.

Came home from my lunch to this:

That's an inventive little pup.

Which of these people has your heart gone out to? Be sure to share in the comments!

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