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26 People Who Just Don’t Care What People Say About Their Haircuts

A haircut is a great way to express yourself. But some people go crazy trying to stand out from the crowd and create masterpieces that amuse everyone around them. Have you ever seen grannies with leopard print hair? Or a haircut that looks like a tennis ball? Well, here’s your chance.

Bright Side has found 26 people who can’t help but stand out with the help of their extraordinary hairstyles.

26. The more you look, the worse it gets.

25. “Excuse me, your head’s bleeding!”

24. Like a basket

23. At least there’s a little something

22. You know how your pencil eraser looks after you finish exams?

21. Is that a new hair mask?

20. When you use hair loss remedies incorrectly:

19. “Got this fresh haircut while traveling in Peru.”

18. Tennis fan

17. “Make me look like an IKEA rug.”

16. Hay crown

15. If they add eyes, they’ll get Doctor Zoidberg.

14. Final staircase before the flagpole in Super Mario

13. Pure abstractionism

12. When you want a ponytail but your hair is too short:

11. Helmet

10. When you haven’t quite found your style yet:

9. Who said leopard print is not popular anymore?

8. Colorful hairstyle

7. These look like small horns.

6. When you hate sideburns:

5. When you can’t decide whether you want long or short hair:

4. 100% match

3. First attempt at cutting hair, ever

2. When your hair is a giant centipede:

1. Let’s admit that this Lego look is pretty cool!

Bonus: When your stylist knows what to do:

Who do you think has the weirdest haircut?

Preview photo credit niilecoy / reddit, Sir_Twig / reddit
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