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26 People Whose Meal Was So Impressive, They Had to Share It With the World

It isn’t often that in ordering or prepping a meal something so exciting happens you want to share it with the world. These simple tasks are only made special with the right ingredients: fantastic coincidences, like perfectly symmetrical fried eggs, or extraordinary-looking foods, like duck-shaped tomatoes.

Bright Side searched and found the finest food pics, the ones so unique and pleasant to the eyes —you won’t be able to look away.

1. “The most perfect croissant I have ever seen.”

2. Solid tomatoes surely don’t come around too often.

3. The way the bread fits on the plate is weirdly comforting.

4. The odds of this happening can’t be very high.

5. We all aspire to cut an avocado this neatly.

6. “My chicken laid a round egg a few months ago.”

7. It’s a bird. It’s a duck. No, it’s a tomato!

8. “My smoothie made an interesting design after I blended it.”

9. “When I sliced my apple it had a perfect star at its core.”

10. “The chef at my restaurant gave me this rose that he crafted out of pepperoni and the end of a jalapeño.”

11. “Apparently I got just the right bowl for my can of soup...”

12. “Normal margaritas, fabulous sunlight”

13. “The cross section of this watermelon revealed a very satisfying pattern.”

14. “My oddly shaped cheese fits on my oddly shaped bread.”

15. A drink which arranged itself for all the lovers of symmetry out there.

16. “I made exactly the right volume of smoothie.”

17. Destroying this beautiful dome of rice wouldn’t feel good, even if it tasted incredible.

18. Let’s be honest, most of us aren’t worthy of oranges with sunset color gradients.

19. The strange pattern in this watermelon is caused by the Watermelon mosaic virus.

20. “A perfectly shaped orange from our orange tree.”

21. If the symmetry of this fried egg doesn’t give you butterflies, I don’t know what will.

22. “We found this incredible carrot hand while digging up juice carrots at our farm.”

23. An onion ring doubling as a treble clef!

24. “Found this block of cheese in my Cheeto puffs.”

25. “The egg I cooked this morning had a smaller egg inside.”

26. “My sister got a mega-fry in her meal.”

Which of these fortunate occurrences and lucky findings did you find most amazing? Has anything similar happened to you? Let’s talk in the comments!

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