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26 People Whose Motto Is “I Don’t Care”

In each sphere, there are people who perform their work carelessly without thinking about consequences: they install electrical outlets in the shower, isolate wires with plastic cups, and invent things that we just can’t explain.

Bright Side has found some design solutions from people who just don’t care about what they’re doing.

Fantastic inventiveness in cake delivery

“I think I did a great job.”

No need to paint the house anymore...

At least the laptop lid won’t fall off.

When your client is a Simpsons fan:

When a carpenter repairs your car:

When you’re starving and you put some hand sanitizer on your desk to try to cook Spam:

This speed bump can stop you all!

Who said you have to take the old rolls off?

When your barber’s too creative:

Finished constructing that roof, boss!

“You cannot pass!”

When reading the can is actually of the utmost importance:

At least it won’t fall down.

Safety be like:

Close enough

Is this a new breed?

Parking garages for magicians

“You’re old enough to take care of yourself on your own.”

Engineer approach

This adds a whole new level to the over or under debate.

Work waits for no one.

These kids can’t read anyway.

It’s up to you tho.

A shower for those who don’t want to live anymore.


Have you ever faced examples like this of people’s poor work ethic? Do you have pictures?

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