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26 Photos Proving That Absolutely Anything Is Possible in This World

Our world keeps astounding us with unexpected twists of reality, and Bright Side has decided to share some pictures that will raise many questions but cheer you up.

At the end of the article, you’ll find a bonus: a bewildering Christmas trend from 2017. Perhaps you will also find the courage to surprise your friends by adopting it?

1. This is what −22 glasses look like.

2. And this is hardened glue.

3. “I am free!”

4. I feel like I’m inside a video game.

5. A properly decorated Christmas tree in a fish shop

6. Something went wrong.

7. This is a photo of Patrick. Patrick is a wombat.

8. Even in a concrete jungle, nature will find a way through.

9. Here’s more proof:

10. This person who caught something that caught something else that caught something else should gamble in a casino.

11. This goat seems to be accustomed to going shopping like this.

12. Where’s the child’s body?

13. These icicles are just wrong.

14. This flagstick got hit by lightning.

15. As did this tree. It burned for 5 days from the inside out after that.

16. Perfectly hidden feet?

17. There are lights in fridges. Why should toilets be any different?

18. Emu eggs at the supermarket. Is there anything surprising in your nearest shop?

19. “The ice underneath my faucet looks like a wine bottle.” A hint for the upcoming holidays?

20. This restaurant knife has been routinely sharpened for years.

21. The Christmas lights still glowing beneath the snow. They look even better this way, don’t they?

22. This must be the prettiest tree trunk ever!

23. Someone found a good use for LEGO.

24. “Now I’m even more afraid of snakes.”

25. I wonder what the entrance looks like...

26. Even cobblestones can be fake.

Bonus: Christmas eyebrows

What surprised you the most? Share your experience in the comments!

Preview photo credit wlkingbluepirate/flickr
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