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26 Photos That Can Calm You Down Better Than Chamomile Tea

Every person who lives in the city sees hundreds of annoying details every day. That's why even simply looking at perfect order, symmetry, or an ideal match of things found in the inevitable chaos of everyday life can make people feel really good.

Bright Side offers you a chance to forget about your stress for a moment and look at our new photo compilations that could have the same effect as sleeping pills.

The way these trees don’t touch

Perfect heart-shaped strawberry

"Finally got a new phone cord at work..."

These boxes of mac & cheese in the pantry

"My grandmother spent the last 4 years typing on her typewriter recipe cards. These recipes have been passed down in my family and now to me. I’m honored and highly impressed with her grit and skill."

This spilled water conforming to the shape of the tile underneath

Stairs in Japan

"My mail carrier gets it."

This winter road in Wyoming

"This is where the tile meets the carpet in my apartment's clubhouse."

This stroopwafel is just the right size to be heated by the hot coffee underneath.

This charger on the power strip

"Not exactly a perfect fit but it’s like my dishwasher was made for this cookie sheet."

Finally, a hotel that understands.

This flower. Nature is the greatest artist.

Pollen on water

This perfect ice cream cone

Pulling a weed and getting the entire root out feels so good.

"Made an omelet for my daughter this morning, and this happened. Apparently, our small frying pan knows how big our plates are."

This little ball of fluff

"My friend's collection of books"

"My neighbor backs his truck in everyday with less than an inch to spare."

"Discovered while cleaning my bathroom"

"Clothes hangers in a packing box"

A mover's life and how everything fits perfectly together

A car dealership where only professional drivers work

Don't you get a certain kind of satisfaction from pictures and situations like this? Or do you like chaos more? Tell us in the comment section below!

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