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26 Photos That Contain Twice the Action and Half the Sanity

Sanity is an elusive thing, even though there are tests to define what it really is. But who said that insanity fueled by determination isn't incredibly powerful too?

Here at Bright Side, we are big advocates of living a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. But sometimes it feels like it's healthy to go a little crazy, especially when it brings a smile to your face.

The "comfy tent" award goes to...

"Lemme see!"

It must be high fashion...

Would you like some cold water for it?

We'd pay money to get an explanation for this... or just call it modern art.

Anybody up for a new plate?

Music of the free range chicken?

Not even hunger can explain what's happening here.

This is very cool for like, a second.

"This bird poop on my car looks like a bird pooping."

Sliding door, sliding cage - there's really no difference.

"I need to see the rest of this."

I guess a woodworker is looking for new mediums?

Savagery is among us.

Limited edition video game cover

"I karate-chopped a mosquito."

He has a mouth for it.

"Found this in my Flaming Cheeto bag!"

"I had a loud poo and my wife laughed. The next day I got home from work to find this."

It's not like it could travel on its own wheels, right?

"I feel some family rivalry here..."

Is it a colling or heating system?

This sofa takes the cake - or rather, gives the cake...

Happy camping!

The woman who "caught 'em all"

There is a right way to eat bananas in public...and this isn't it.

Which of these photos have raised questions for you and which ones made you laugh out loud? Be sure to share your thoughts and opinions with us, we'd love to hear your feedback!

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