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26 Rare Photos That Prove This World Is Full of Wonders

Fortunately, our phone camera is always with us. Now, when a dozen of bears sit on one tree, a lightning bolt hits a rainbow, or cartoon characters live right next door, you can grab your phone, take some pics, and share them with the whole world.

Bright Side has decided to have a look at some of the unusual things internet users share on social media.

“So, my chicken just laid this egg.”

First Disneyland ticket ever

Baby camels are so adorable!

“In case you don’t know what rays’ eggs look like.”

The pattern on this seashell looks like a cartoon mountain range.

Just a huge boulder balancing on another one.

Megalodon’s tooth

5,655 carat emerald

This decoration probably scares the neighbors.

“When snow melted and flash froze down a mountain, a photographer captured this impressive natural phenomenon.”

2 in 1

A macro photo of a new and a used sewing needle

A fossil print from the past

A 100-year-old turtle

Infinity in glasses

A storm in a desert

Hugging trees in Amsterdam

When your neighbors are Mike and Sully:

Colibri’s nest

“My friend has plants in his car.”

Inside a nuclear reactor

Bears with a bird’s spirit

Melting asphalt is a usual phenomenon in India.

White bearded dragon

Forged steel rose

“The horses were standing so still that their shadows still have frost.”

Have you ever seen any of these amazing phenomena?

Preview photo credit D3qual/ reddit, Bio/ pikabu
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