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26 Summer Gadgets Perfect for a Carefree Vacation

Summer is finally here! If you’ve already packed your bags and backpacks, pay close attention to these awesome gadgets designed to make your vacations more enjoyable. Perhaps you have a need for a mini shower that fits in your pocket or an electronic “tan coach”. Maybe you’d like an unusual safe for your valuables, a flying camera case or a portable wine bag.

Here at Bright Side, we are excited to share this selection of useful inventions with you in hopes of making your life a little easier during the summer months.

1. A pocket mug

This “magic leaf” will be very helpful at the beach or while strolling around the city. It doesn’t take much space in your bag and transforms into a mug with just one touch. So, if you’re near a source of water, you’ll no longer need a disposable cup or bottle to satisfy your thirst.

2. Hand digger

This toy involves your child’s body and imagination. A good time and excellent physical training are guaranteed. With the help of their hands, kids will be capable of tackling innovative construction designs on sandy beaches while parents can sit back and relax.

3. Chainmail socks

These “medieval shoes” are an excellent option for those who want to be incredibly close to nature but want to protect their feet from thorns and other dangers on land and water. They’re easy to clean and are even dishwasher safe!

4. The Birdie camera parachute

You will find the shape of this device for aero-photo shooting quite familiar if you’ve ever played badminton. It resembles a shuttlecock, doesn’t it? You simply put your camera inside the Birdie and throw it in the air while it takes photos as it falls. Or you can just throw it to each other.

The gadget safely protects the camera from damage. With the Birdie, you can capture a lot of bright photos during your beach holidays with your family or during extreme trips in the outdoors with your friends.

5. Sun stove

It’s incredibly difficult to find electricity out in nature, and in many cases, fires are prohibited in parks and woodlands. That’s why this sun stove would be very helpful for picnic lovers. Special reflectors that direct sunlight onto the frying surface help you to cook all of your favorite dishes right outside.

Simply place chicken, meat, fish or vegetables inside the vacuum cylinder where they’ll heat up without burning.

6. A compact travel iron

While on vacation, we always want to look our best, but lugging along a heavy iron is never fun. This small device will easily fit in anyone’s purse or backpack. This little iron makes it convenient to iron your collared shirts or wrinkled clothes that have been packed in suitcases.

7. The original air matress

Of course, air ducklings and unicorns are wonderful, but there are even more eye-catching options. For example, these angel wing rafts look like a huge snow-white butterfly! Against the backdrop of a glistening pool, these rafts make any girl feel like a floating fairy.

8. UV personal trainer

All of us strive to get a beautiful tan on the beach. But it’s important to be careful as not to damage your skin. Take this personal UV monitor with you that looks like a bracelet and is controlled by your smartphone. It calculates the time you can stay in the sun specifically depending on your skin type, the sun’s radiation intensity, and sunscreen strength.

It’s very easy to use. You just need to press one button to find out how long you can stay in the sun without harming yourself.

9. Beach back support

If you’re tired of lying only on your stomach or your back, use this back support to make your own beach chair. You may even want to place a few backs in a line, making comfortable seats for your friends and family to watch the sunset!

10. Water platforms for a group of friends

A yacht, a catamaran or an island are luxuries that very few can afford. Luckily for us, this air platform that seats 5-12 people is super affordable. Plus, this floating device doesn’t require special care, payments or gas like other expensive options. Just float peacefully on the water and enjoy the sun!

11. No sand beach bag

The biggest problem most of us encounter when lying on the beach is getting our bags full of sand. But with this bag, you can kiss that inconvenience goodbye! All you need to do is unclip the bottom of the bag and shake it. All the sand will fall out through its net bottom.

12. Shallow swing

The German designer of this chair, Gisbert Baarmann, calls his invention a hyperbolic parabola. But for the rest of us, this thing looks like a giant potato chip. Children aren’t the only ones who like to swing, and now adults can also enjoy rocking back and forth on the Shallow Swing as well!

Adults have discovered that this swing can also be used upside down, turning it into a wonderful picnic seat. Those who like to take naps under the sun have said that this swing is very comfortable.

13. A diving mask with a built-in camera

Diving can be an amazing experience that is impossible to forget. With this diving mask, it’s easy to go on fun underwater adventures. Both beginners and experienced divers alike are going to love this mask. You can take bright photos by controlling the camera with only two buttons, letting you keep the memories of your underwater journey with you forever.

14. A portable beach table

Do you like to create comfort and a refined atmosphere wherever you go? Then this table was made specifically for you. When folded, it looks like a small briefcase with a handle and takes only a minute to set up.

Enjoy sea views while sitting at the table with glass holders, bottle openers and loops for sunglasses, providing you with ultimate comfort.

15. A mini safe with a dial display

This mini safe will protect all of your valuables and all you need is a simple digital code to open it. If someone tries to steal your belongings, the motion sensor will detect it within 2 seconds and activate an alarm as loud as 90 dB. It will be helpful for those who come to the beach alone or who want to swim together with friends while leaving their things on the sand. And you won’t need to look back and check your things the entire time you’re in the water.

16. Water spray

This portable water spray will come to your rescue during the brutal summer heat. It creates water mist that cools down the air’s temperature and refreshes your body. You can attach it to any water pipe and enjoy its ultra-thin water mist when you’re out tanning, tending to your garden, playing with the kids or having a picnic.

17. A beach vault

Sometimes, beachgoers put their valuables into a bag and bury it in the sand to keep it safe. You’d probably agree that digging out the bag every time you need something is not very convenient. With this vault, all your valuables will be safe, guaranteed.

Screw the vault into the sand while it holds your phone, wallet, and keys safely inside. Close the lid and cover it with your blanket. No one will ever find it!

18. Pocket shower

A refreshing shower can turn an ordinary day into a wonderful one! But you can’t carry a shower with you...or can you? This gadget fits in your pocket and can provide you with an excellent shower using just 2.5 gallons of water and regulated water pressure. The water in the bag is heated by the sun, so you’ll have a refreshing cleaning session that lasts 7-10 minutes long.

19. Sun beds and chairs

In the past, no one could have imagined that a throne could be carried in such a small bag. This portable, light armchair can be inflated in a matter of seconds. This transforming chair can provide you with comfort at the beach, in the woods, on the countryside, or even in the mountains.

20. Skimboard for wet sand

A skimboard resembles a surfboard, but instead of riding giant waves, you ride small wavelets near the beach. The board itself is smaller than a surfboard and has a handlebar. This board is great for children who want to learn the basics of surfing, but there are skimboards for adults as well. Apart from just having fun, this is a good way to learn how to keep your balance.

21. A hanging tent

Designers, Nick and Sarah say that when creating this hanging tent they were inspired by the nests of the Weaver bird. That was how Cacoon & Songo was designed. It is a remarkable and comfortable device that everyone can use in their own way, like as a hanging armchair, a hammock or a beach or garden tent.

22. A wine bag

In 1965, Thomas Angove, a winemaker from Australia, patented the “wine cask” as a package for wines. Soon, Charles Malpas and Penfolds Wines patented a plastic, air-tight tap welded into a metal film bladder, making storage much more convenient for consumers.

The bladder from the wine box should be placed inside the baggy wine coat. It also has space for ice, is stable and is easy to take anywhere. It even has a special package and a tap that prevents the wine from fermenting during use.

23. A self-inflating bracelet

This invention was awarded the Red Dot product design award. This gadget can rescue you from the dangers of long-distance swimming like foot spasms or exhaustion. It looks like a regular bracelet but when danger comes your way, it can be stretched into a lifebuoy ring.

24. Full-face snorkel mask

A lot of people like snorkeling. But with this mask, you don’t need to put on heavy and expensive equipment or take a training course. All you need to know is how to swim and you can enjoy the world underwater. With the help of this full-face mask, you will have a 180° view and be able to breathe through your mouth and nose.

25. Children’s inflated rafts

You can never get children to stay calm on the beach — they crave fun adventures! All their parents have to do is inflate one of these fun rafts and their kids will be entertained for hours. They can choose from a water swing, a mountain complex or even an inflatable house. Vacation is here!

26. A photodiode picnic rug

Nighttime on the beach has a special atmosphere thanks to moody lighting, a starry sky, and dark waters. You can have a picnic with a loved one without ruining the beauty of nature with artificial bright lights. The photodiode mat will make your picnic romantic and practical at the same time.

Which of these gadgets would you buy right away? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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