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26 Teenagers From the 2000s Who Really Wanted to Look Cool and Almost Succeeded

When teenage passion gets mixed up with the expressive fashion of the 2000s, the results may be completely unpredictable, and these photos prove it.

The users whose youth was at the beginning of the new millennium shared their photos because they are so ironic. And we at Bright Side want to share them with you.

“My all-time favorite Christmas blunder (I’m top left.)”

“My fiancé got this leather jacket when he was 14. So naturally he got his mom to do a photoshoot in his room.”

“Wore this hand-knitted sweater with a matching beanie A LOT in high school.”

“They always heard me coming.”

“My photo in the 2002 yearbook: NSYNC and this hair was very popular at the time.”

“2007: It makes my face itchy just looking at it.”

“Have you ever seen dreadlocks, braids, and pigtails on one head? This was my yearbook photo.”

“Can’t get more hip-hop than my sister in high school.”

“I thought I was super-hot in this.”

“14-year-old me, Mother’s Day 2007 (photo taken by my mother)”

“I was stuck in the 70s in 2007.”

“I was a true gangsta in school.”

“I still don’t understand why girls just wanted to be friends in high school.”

“I found some tanning foam while I was in the bathroom and put a stripe on my wrist. I liked it so much, I did my arms and legs. Nobody was amused but me. I think it lasted a couple months.”

“Me, when I was 20”

“Yes, it’s real.”

“They called me Professor Snape.”

“Caught somewhere between the ‘Emo’ phase and the boy band phase — here’s me on my way to a Jonas Brothers concert.”

“With my boyfriend... I actually thought this was cool in 7th grade.”

“This is my 6th grade Washington, DC trip. I was cool.”

“Gloomy goth in 2007”

“My boyfriend in 7th grade”

“Took this in 2004 and my grandma still has it framed and proudly displayed. I never played the guitar.”

“The real punishment was that my parents actually let me go to school like this.”

“I really REALLY wanted to be Trinity.”

“My attire in 1999”

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Preview photo credit blickerbloo/reddit