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26 Times Creativity Went a Little Too Far

People’s creativity sometimes goes beyond all limits. And that’s when fluffy cars, bicycles with balls instead of wheels, bags in the shape of food and many other odd things appear. In this article, we have compiled the most unusual creative solutions that will raise many questions.

Bright Side found 26 cases of creativity that will both amaze and make you laugh.

1. Just a showcase in the form of the front part of a car, nothing special...

2. An almost hellish cauldron

3. A helmet for builders in Texas

4. Autumn boots and socks: 2-in-1

5. A bag for those who like to eat

6. And this bag is for those who have a sweet tooth!

7. A car chair

8. At least the rust isn’t visible.

9. Waterslide, home addition

10. Stuck!

11. Almost a garage

12. A shirt that should be called, “Drive your wife crazy”

13. A car for really cool guys

14. For parents who like ingenious things

15. If you forget to manicure your nails, these slippers will correct the situation.

16. Officials say that this is a creative solution for the cycle track.

17. Who were these shoes created for?

18. The designer of this plate definitely has a good sense of humor.

19. A backpack that will match boots perfectly

20. Not a very good idea for a bathroom stall design...

21. A telephone for fashion mongers

22. Mirrors in bathrooms are for wimps.

23. A new level of fake

24. At least they’re not like everyone else...

25. 2-in-1

26. When your barber rocks:

What other funny creative solutions have you seen? Please show us your photos in the comments!

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