26 Times Something Went Terribly Wrong This Christmas

Presents shopping frenzy, Christmas wreaths, garlands, and decorations everywhere, shops full of people — someone can notice a not so pleasant part of Christmas holidays. It becomes easier to understand the Grinch from that children’s movie.

Bright Side collected 25 pictures that are dedicated to everyone who doesn’t feel the Christmas spirit yet. If you don’t feel happy about the upcoming holidays at all, our bonus at the end of the article is made especially for you.

Christmas mood at the shops

“It took me a long time to understand why there’s a severed finger on the Christmas tree until I looked closer.”

This is how a Christmas child injury looks.

“Get yourself a robot vacuum cleaner,” they said.

“It will be much easier to clean up,” they said.

A Christmas tree in an industrial city.

Not all presents are nice to receive.

Guess who added some new decorations to the office Chrismas tree.

My neighbors are tough; they threw the tree away already at 8:40 am after Christmas.

Oh, that’s definitely a surprise.

Someone is okay with a tree like this.

“Last year we decided to share some Christmas spirit with our cat.”

“In my family, nobody wanted to decorate an artificial Christmas tree or even take it out of the box. We decided it’s good like that.”

“He doesn’t realize what an ugly Christmas we have.”

A kid hid his present from the elder brothers, but the mother didn’t find it either

When you are completely fine with a bubble bath.

Minimum efforts, maximum Christmas mood.

You realize that your childhood is over when Santa brings you your first tonometer.

“I tried to take a cute Christmas selfie with a dog.”

Ready to celebrate!

A “Welcome to the cruel world” cookie...

“I’ll surrender to the Christmas atmosphere, too.”

One more way to share a link.

Who did this?

“My colleague reproached me for not having any Christmas mood. I prepared a “present” for him.

I always thought that snowmen were suspicious.

Bonus: if your daily problems don’t leave you any chance to have fun, this story is for you.

“Three years ago my wife was crying because we couldn’t afford a Christmas tree and presents. I borrowed Christmas lights and hung them in our empty apartment. Every year since then we put a Christmas tree like that together with a real one in order to remember where we had been one day.”

Did anything funny or moving happen to you or your friends on Christmas? Share your stories in the comments.

Preview photo credit northnews.co.uk, leerful / Imgur
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