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27 Awkward Situations Caused by the Lack of Intelligence

A famous historian-economist Carlo Cipolla once said, "Always and inevitably everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation." So do our characters, who suddenly understood that they live with fools. For example, with those who think that cheese is a vegetable, that 1.5 hours is 1 hour and 50 minutes, and those who believe that Matt Damon was on Mars.

The users of Reddit recollected the moments when they realized that they dated or were friends with fools. Bright Side read all the comments and picked out 27 funniest and mind-boggling situations that show just how many people are oblivious to how the world actually works.

  • I had a few pet rabbits at home. Once a guy that I dated came to visit me. He saw the jumping rabbits in the living room and cried, "My God, what happened to them?" I didn't understand what he was asking and he added, "Why are they jumping like this? They have injured paws?" It appeared that he had never seen rabbits. He thought they walked like cats did.
  • My husband thought that pickled cucumbers grew just as fresh cucumbers did. I explained to him that it wasn't true but he refused to believe me.
  • My ex was really proud that he had never read an entire book.
  • My ex-girlfriend thought that "Al-Qaeda" was a country. And she really wanted to visit it someday.
  • My ex-girlfriend thought that the movie The Martian was based on a true story. And together with that, she thought that Matt Damon really was on Mars.
  • I used to date a very narcissistic guy. One day, we were playing cards and I asked him to put on mirror sunglasses because he was incredibly attractive wearing them... Needless to say, I won every game. It was 35 years ago but my mom still laughs at how much of an idiot this guy was.
  • My girlfriend once told me that dinosaurs never existed, someone had just invented them.
  • One day, my girlfriend went outside and then she came back and said that an animal had attacked and hurt her. I asked her what the animal looked like. She replied, "It looked like a cow but it was brown." And yes, it was a cow.
  • I've met many people who think that 1.5 hours is 1 hour and 50 minutes.
  • Every time when I went to my ex-girlfriend's home, I saw V-shaped marks on her carpet. I always wondered what it was and couldn't understand it. Once I came and saw hair tongs lying on the carpet. The V-shaped mark appeared to be the burnt carpet. She always left the hair straightener right there on the floor and went to work. I wonder how she didn't set her house on fire.
  • Once we were playing Mad Libs (a game where you have to make a list of words - adjectives, verbs, etc. Then, you have to fill the gaps in a prewritten text with these words. As a result, you get a funny story. — Bright Side commentary), and when it was her turn to name a noun, she asked, "What is a noun?" I said, "It's a man, a place, or a thing." She started thinking and she was thinking for so long so that I thought that she would come up with the best noun that I've ever heard. As a result, she just said, "Place."
  • My friend met a girl who thought that the actors from the movie 300 Spartans were really killed in the fighting scenes.
  • On our first date, we went to a restaurant that my partner had chosen. At the other table, there was an elderly lady who kept staring at us. After some time, she started clinking her cutlery nervously. My boyfriend gave up and told me that it was his mother. It appeared that she wanted to see me and decide for her son if I was good enough to date him. Of course, there was no second date with this idiot.
  • Once, my ex-boyfriend told me that people with great willpower could survive for a long time without food thanks to photosynthesis.
  • My ex-girlfriend once told me that she ate cheese because it was a vegetable. Like, for example, cauliflower. And, yes, she was a vegetarian.
  • My ex-girlfriend pointed at Sirius (the brightest star in the night sky - Bright Side commentary) and asked sincerely, "Is that Earth?"
  • I dated a girl for a few months. I decided to make her a Christmas present that will remind her of one funny story that was connected to her and my cat. I made the present look as if it was my cat who gave her the present. I thought that it would be very cute and we would become closer to each other. However, she got angry because my cat gave her a present and I didn't. I thought she was joking... We were at her parents' home and they were also angry that I didn't get their daughter a present. I felt very awkward and I realized that we could hardly be together after that.
  • I realized that I shouldn't continue the relationship with a girl when she threw a butter knife into a lightbulb inside a restaurant full of people. She broke the lightbulb because she didn't like the flickering.
  • My ex-girlfriend claimed that onions became dark right after being cut because "they soak up toxins from the air."
  • My ex-wife once told me that wind is made by trees. According to her, they moved and pushed the air, making wind. I decided not to ask her why trees started moving.

  • My girlfriend tried to prove to me that it would be easier for people to reach the Moon if they could invent a space shuttle that could fly under water. With this shuttle, according to her opinion, we could fly through the ocean during the day and directly reach the Moon.
  • My ex-girlfriend once told me that she had never been to France. I knew that she'd been to Disneyland in Paris several times. She told me, "Paris is not in France!" By the way, we live in Great Britain, and we can reach France in one hour using the English Channel.
  • Once I dated a guy who thought that diabetes was a type of allergy.

  • I had a friend who never looked sidewards while crossing roads. I asked her why she did that, and she said that if something happened, she'd just sue the driver who hit her. I asked her how would she do that if she got run over and she said that she would look back and memorize the number on the plate.
  • I realized that my boyfriend was not so bright when I had to explain to him for the third time that bug spray had to be sprayed on his body. Before that, he just sprayed it into the air at mosquitoes.
  • Once, I dated a guy who didn't know that women breastfed their babies. He thought that breastfeeding was a way of holding a baby and feeding them from a bottle. I told him he was an idiot, and he said, "I don't know any woman who breastfed her baby." Then I told him that I breastfed my son. He grinned and told me that I was a pervert.
  • When we were dating, I was a vegetarian. When he asked me if I ate fish, I told him, I don't eat animals. Then he said, "Fish is not an animal, it's a mammal." I was so confused that I just left the room.

Which story amused you the most? Are there are things that you were confused about until someone enlightened you? Share with us in the comments below!

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