27 Hilarious Police Sketches That Were a Crime to Release

Police officers all over the globe work hard to keep us safe. Composite sketches are one of the instruments that can help them catch criminals, though it happens less often than you can imagine. According to a British researcher, Charlie Frowd, the accuracy of this investigation method is about 9%.

The thing is, people aren't used to perceiving human faces as different parts. We see a face as a whole, and it's hard to describe a nose or a mouth separately. Plus, the artist's skills also play a huge role.

Bright Side has collected 27 examples of police composites that turned to be a fantastic failure.

1. This guy came from the '70s!

2. This police sketch looks like a caricature.

3. Why does this guy look like he's just seen his dream gift?

4. This is the most accurate illustration ever!

5. Oh, wow. Looks pretty much the same.

6. Good job, guys! A perfect caricature.

7. Oh, stop it. A man with this hair can't be a criminal.

8. Hmm...do you think he's planning an alien invasion?

9. Oh, wow! No doubt they'll catch him in a flash!

10. Is that armor around his neck?

11. The "triangular face" has never been a more accurate description.

12. These are two peas in a pod!

13. E.T., is that you?

14. They found him! I thought no magic was allowed outside of Hogwarts.

15. Hurry up! This guy's losing shape.

16. Is this makeup on his face?

17. He looks like the Megamind's nephew.

18. They got him! Oh, no, just my imagination.

19. I love when the artists sign their masterpieces!

20. Hey, what's the number of your hairdresser?

21. This guy is so...angular.

22. Awesome! Now they're looking for a demon.

23. No comments, he's just too cool.

24. The girl on the left has obviously come from a Tim Burton movie.

25. Nice to meet you, Mario.

26. Oh, thanks. I'll be seeing these teeth in tonight's nightmare.

27. Excuse me, have you seen a cartoon criminal over here?

Which of them seemed the funniest to you? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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