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27 Images Where Something Very Strange Happened to Our Food

If there’s one thing we all deserve, it’s to be in a good mood. We at Bright Side would like to make our own modest contribution to keeping you in good spirits with some images — some funny, others just strange — of unusual food. It’s clear that nature has a sense of humor, so never lose yours!

When the chef lost his mind (or is quitting his job tomorrow)

A pizza delivered along with the baking pan!

This potato chip looks slightly undercooked...

Well, at least we know now that they’re still made from real potatoes!

I never knew carrots could have bad moods

A tomato with a zipper

It turns out these little fish live in their very own coral reefs

A pepper from the Incredible Hulk’s garden

Don’t drink me yet! I’ll sing you a song!

Is this the longest marshmallow in the world?

Carrot foot

I wanted a coffee, but I guess I’ll have to eat a sausage instead...

Looks like these vegetables really aren’t too happy about the prospect of being eaten

That’s definitely real sea salt

Yes, that’s a tiny little seashell!

The baker apparently lost something

A super grape

When did they start writing the ’use by’ date directly on the loaf?

What have you been watering your plants with, Grandma?

Is that an onion, or one of the Angry Birds?

A coconut with a pull-tab. Nature is amazing sometimes...

Open the jar! I don’t like it in here!

When you’re trying to make a salad and one of the carrots challenges you to a break-dancing battle

The pepper: probably the most expressive vegetable in the world

So many emotions!

This one’s so expressive they even let him star in a movie!

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