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27 Museum Commentaries That Could Draw Anybody in for a History Lesson

The very first museum in history was opened in 1683. Since then, art galleries and collectors of art have faced some ups and downs, but we believe there is a new and very particular wave of interest in art these days.

We at Bright Side are fans of arts and crafts and we always support it — especially when it brings us such laughter like Snapchat which can be considered an art form in itself!

1. When you’re too cool to talk to rebel scum:

2. You needed someone to share things with even back then.

3. Like, really?

4. A question for the ages

5. Adele???

6. No, really.

7. “I’m looking at you.”

8. Us on Mondays:

9. The most appropriate tune

10. Like, did you even have a face before?

11. That’s what it feels like...

12. This has happened to us way too many times.

13. Ooops.

14. It happens to everyone.

15. Girl, you need some back dancers.

16. Setting an example

17. How your parents see you:

18. Beyoncé for life!

19. Yes, you are.

20. Karaoke before it was “in”

21. It’s a fair question.

22. “Don’t hate me if you ain’t me.”

23. A shout out to Mean Girls

24. “Bae, is that you?”

25. And then it went on from there.

26. It’s a condition.

27. Up to date

Did any of these trigger a new desire to go to the museum in you? Be sure to share your thoughts with us and other readers in the comment section below!

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