27 Non-Scientific Discoveries That Could Change Your Life

Sometimes, life gives us surprises we don't know how to react to: maybe we should laugh, maybe we should start packing our bags for vacation. We are surrounded by oddities, and internet users share their amazing and funny observations which could change the way we think about this world.

Bright Side has collected 27 funny, amazing, and unusual facts which could change your life forever.

Cats love taking baths but in hats and behind closed doors

This is not a dragon, it's a real gecko

These are three different movies with Dwayne Johnson

An oak leaf can stain concrete

Owls can sit like this

"Bought the same vitamins in the UK (left) and in Portugal (right). The northern variant has twice the vitamin D of the southern variant."

"I've been able to do this my entire life. My friends think that this is not normal."

Water makes rabbits skinny.

This is not styrofoam. It's snow.

Fun fact about Germany:

Cats are scared of pasta.

X-rays were used to record music.

You can never unsee this.

Some bear attacks begin with a polite knock on the door.

Apparently bottled water has to be marked whether it's vegan or vegetarian

Legos have a skeleton.

Cool cat trick

"I know it's not the most interesting picture in the world, but here's the inside of my garbage truck, for all your little kids who've wanted to see one."

This is what an owl's ear looks like.

Scotch tape makes translucent glass transparent.

Thai police have corgis.

This is another way to break your headphones.

Some cats have thumbs.

This bath soap doesn't contain gluten.

"I was putting together a turkey sandwich when I noticed something interesting."

"It's a house made to look like a boat...made of car windshields!"

Which facts made you laugh and which amazed you? Do you know any fun facts that you can share with other readers? Tell us in the comment section below!

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