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27 People Who Epically Failed at Doing Their Jobs

There are days when our work does not make us happy anymore. The boss is being bossy, the computer goes crazy, and deadlines are not dead yet. But there are also days when it simply all goes wrong.

We at Bright Side chose the biggest work fails. After looking through them, you will definitely change your mind about your job.

27. Journalism school did not prepare her for this.

26. When everything goes wrong at work:

25. When you decided to take a break, but...

24. Gravity at its best!

23. The most unnecessary job?

22. Thank goodness it’s only one tire.

21. Ah, that is what "chicken run" means.

20. Calling the insurance company won’t help.

19. Vacuum cleaning went well!

18. Is this my new coworker?

17. It’s time to make a big omelet.

16. Somebody must have gotten very upset.

15. Somebody will have to sort it out again.

14. Both the driver and the asphalt paver had a bad day.

13. The worst day for a speeding driver

12. It was another bad day for making fried eggs.

11. Someone’s gonna get punished.

10. Someone’s getting the sack.

9. How tired must the packing person have been to pack corn as bananas?

8. If this happened in the middle lane and at a greater speed, there would have been more bricks.

7. Someone was bad at Tetris.

6. If only this driver knew how his work day would end...

5. When the person who marks the road gets mad:

4. No one knows who had the worst day — the driver or the college’s students.

3. At least it’s fence-proof!

2. The one time they followed the exact instructions

1. No juice for anyone!

Bonus: When failing at doing one’s job right, become an art object by Nicolas Lorenzo.

If you or anyone you know had a similar experience, do share with us!

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