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27 People Who Rushed to Show the World the Awesome Things They Found

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! And what are you supposed to do with the things that internet users find?

We at Bright Side would love to find such things because some of them are very rare.

“I found a leaf as big as the steering wheel in my car.”

“Mini world in a bottle I found cleaning the yard.”

“I found a pencil that looks like a cigarette on the ground.”

“I found this butterfly between the sheets of a 231-year-old book.”

“We found a safe behind a fake electrical socket in our new house.”

“Found a carved-out quarter on the ground showing George Washington smoking reefer.”

“Found an almost perfectly spherical rock at the beach.”

“Found a tired and cold hummingbird.”

“I found a lizard skeleton on a lawn chair in my backyard.”

“My dad and his friend found the boot that Reese Witherspoon threw off a cliff during the filming of the movie Wild.”

“Remodeling the kitchen and pulled the microwave off the wall. He never gave up hope.”

Found a fossil in the parking lot of a pet store.

Found the Eye of Sauron while wine tasting.

“Found this carved in my parents’ crawl space floor. They have lived there for over 25 years and never noticed it before.”

“Grandfather found this in Texas. It’s not carved; it’s naturally grown. What is this?”

“I found a rock shaped like a heart.”

“We’re safe. I found a backup.”

“Found an old childhood safe at my parents’ house...was not disappointed.”

“Found this in the woods today.”

“I found out why my cat was spending so much time in the closet.”

“Anyone know Freddy Marr age 6 from London so we can let him know his msg was found in Denmark?!”

“My daughter found a fossil in our yard and wrapped it for me as a Christmas present!”

“I think I found an Ant Fight Club.”

“Was cleaning out our paint room at work. Our paint waste drain was plugged. Cut it open and found this.”

A photographer saw a fish trapped inside a jellyfish. Strangely enough, the fish could control where the jellyfish was going.

“Found this chili with a perfect ’mild to hot’ gradient.”

“Found this pink grasshopper today. Nothing unusual.”

Have you ever found truly rare things? Tell us about them in the comments. Or even better, show us the photos!

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