27 People Who Simply Messed Up

Nobody is perfect and everyone has the right to make mistakes. Some people learn from their mistakes and others can write a book about 100 ways to mess up. It's good when people can simply laugh at their own failures.

Bright Side has collected 25 examples of when people were in situations that they never expected.

Maybe she thought nobody was taking photographs?

Is this even legal?

Thanks for the warning.

"My entire life is a lie."

"If anyone is having a rough day, I want you to remember I ate half this cup of ice cream before realizing the truth."

He was trying to do something good.

Such a drama

"16 billion items delivered safely and securely every single year."

"My hoodie got dirty and I washed it, but we don’t have a dryer. So my mom and I thought it would be a good idea to hang it outside, but it’s -9 degrees. After half an hour, it froze."

Sometimes, modern technologies only create more trouble.

"One of my moms employees accepted this as payment."

Unhelpful sign

"Professor, I can't get these audio files in our textbook to play."

Someone messed up at the candy factory.

You're able to find the good in any situation.

"My aunt took screenshots of photos from Facebook and had them printed."

"I have identified a flaw in my college's scissor retention plan."

"Went to visit my grandparents and found out they framed a selfie I took."

"Hannah printed Claire's boarding pass out on poster sized paper."

Me: Mom, photocopy my passport.


So much pain in one photo.

Who cares about the money, when you've got such an amazing actor!

Someone is stupid or they believe that people are nice.

Nice try.

Not everyone knows what to do.

"Homie just started napping mid-fix on our internet."

"My mom was playing racquetball and ended up throwing her back out trying to show off."

Have you ever been in any funny situations? Tell us in the comment section below!

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