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27 People Who Were Honestly Trying to Do Their Work, but Everything Still Went Wrong

Irresponsible people are present in every sphere of working life and sometimes their disorganization can greatly affect their (and your) surroundings. For example, have you ever seen a burger with a double bun? Or do you know the synonym for the word bananas? We suggest that you see it with your own eyes in our article.

Bright Side collected 27 photos that will make you laugh and put you in a good mood for the whole day.

27. When you miscalculated a bit:

26. The laws of construction were made for cowards.

25. When you were responsible for putting on the buttons with numbers and got distracted:

24. The coat hangers in my classroom were installed like this:

23. Which side should I open the milk from?

22. A burger for vegetarians

21. And this one has a double bun.

20. Turns out, drawing signs is not that easy.

19. One more try...

18. A theater seat was installed under the wall.

17. Thanks to this doorbell it's very difficult to find the apartment that you need.

16. When both the words and arrows were ignored:

15. What was the person installing this door thinking?

14. When you can't remember the word 'banana':

13. We hope Pikachu's fans don't see this.

12. When you had 3 tries and failed them all:

11. Hmmm...

10. At least one turned out well.

9. Is there a hidden meaning here?

8. We all have a different understanding of DO NOT CRUSH, right?

7. Any problem in this world can be solved with the help of duct tape.

6. Good thing they put that line there, otherwise everyone would notice that square.

5. You'll never find the floor that you need in this elevator.

4. I wonder if whoever did this is still searching for their glove.

3. The tree that does what it wants

2. Security cameras installed by the "it's rude to watch people" guy.

1. This poor door

Have you ever encountered irresponsible workers? Please share your stories in the comments!

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