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27 Photos Showing That One Glance Won’t Be Enough

We think we've seen lots of things, especially in this age of the internet when any photo enters the public domain in mere seconds. Is there anything that can still surprise us and make us exclaim, "Wow!"? There are lots of things, of course!

Bright Side gathered pictures that make us look at this world from a different angle.

27. Is this car drowning in asphalt?

26. I used to draw such houses when I was a kid.

25. Are we experiencing huge problems?

24. Is that the new black?

23. Stunning and creative

22. "My coffee looks a little bit like Jupiter."

21. But it's prohibited to use magic outside of Hogwarts.

20. If you want to be a giant, choose the right angle.

19. Tissues float!

18. The shadows of these windows create a brand-new look.

17. This ATM seems to be floating.

16. Giants are in the city.

15. Is it the other side of a beach?

14. No, you can't play with this "ball"...

13. "A fork and a knife gave me a cool illusion."

12. The view from a car or space?

11. Here's one really great way to open the door to a different reality.

10. "The angle of this photo makes the bottom step an illusion."

9. It's not the moon — it's a bird in a telescope.

8. No, it's not a picture — it's a river in Iceland.

7. Do you already feel this harmony?

6. "Pretty cool illusion meant to slow down drivers at a crosswalk."

5. Who pulled the plug out?

4. I'm half in virtual reality.

3. That second when I forgot about everything:

2. Is she above or under the water?

1. You know that there's no need to worry. But you still worry.

And do you have any photos that will make us look twice to figure out what's going on? Share them in the comments!

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