27 Photos That Prove a Roommate Can Be Both a Worst Enemy and a Best Friend in One

Have you ever had to wash the dishes after your roommate? People from this article sure had to – and more than once! Despite the fact that living with a roommate might be the reason for certain discomforts, some experts claim that living with someone makes us happy and mentally healthy.

Bright Side gathered 27 photos that show how diverse life with a roommate can be. They can scare you with just some pet food, demonstrate a new way of hanging toilet paper, and express their creativity when fixing a hole in a door.

1. When your roommate is about to come home:

2. "I just asked him to hang some toilet paper."

3. When you roommate disagrees:

4. "My roommate has an anatomy test tomorrow and I decided to help."

5. "Roommate left on holiday for a week."

6. "My roommate left on a cruise for a week. I couldn't miss my chance."

7. "Roommate took a photo of me sleeping while the cat watched."

8. "The roommate finally fixed the bathroom door."

9. "My roommate eats fruit really weirdly."

10. "My roommate asked me for an extra key for his girlfriend. I made a very special keychain for her."

11. It's so irritating when your roommate uses a dirty spoon to get some butter.

12. When you're sick and tired of washing the dishes for someone else.

13. "My roommate Jon built me the best custom shoe rack."

14. "My roommate melted the pot cooking macaroni and cheese. How?!"

15. "Sometimes I forget my new roommate has snakes."

16. "My roommate ducked my computer..."

17. "My roommate likes to draw on milk bottles."

18. "I decided to let my roommate make pasta."

19. "My roommate was getting jealous of my popsocket, so he made one for himself."

20. "I hope my roomie brings her date home."

21. "He did that last night."

22. "This is how my roommate opens a cereal bag."

23. "My roommate tried to make a pizza."

24. "This is what my roommate will see first when he wakes up."

25. "I made a table for my roommate who is a boss and helped me out during a time of great life struggle."

26. "When your roommate decides to dye her hair purple."

27. "Here's a small gift for my roommate."

Does your life with a roommate look something like this? Share your photos and stories with us in the comments.

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