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27 Photos That Show the Struggles Short People Have to Deal With Daily

Although height is just a number, some people really wish they could be taller. And the main reason is that some simple aspects of everyday life can be pretty challenging, like reaching for the top shelf, turning off the light, or even getting into your own bed. If you feel like you’ve pulled the short straw in life, at least remember what they say, “Good things come in small packages.”

We at Bright Side gathered some photos of what these people have to go through every day and how they manage to face the inconveniences. Apparently they do it with lots of creativity.

1. The struggles of doing the laundry

2. “The way I had to use this cash machine in Spain, which I can only assume was installed by a giant. I’m 5’4”."

3. The things she has to do when she goes shopping

4. Kike Hernández knows how to deal with short people problems.

5. “Short people problems... the struggle is real. My buddy’s wife shows how she puts her seasonings away.”

6. Love found a way.

7. Sometimes reaching the soap dispenser might be a challenge.

8. Even turning off the light is a tricky task when you are short.

9. When getting into your bed is too difficult:

10. “My wife is 5’1” and I am 6’7″, when it comes to hotel robes, one size does not fit all."

11. When you are trying to promote something, but the sign is bigger than you are:

12. “My 5’1” girlfriend went to a brewery and sent me this."

13. “Need to get my trousers shortened. Every. Single. Time.”

14. “At least my friend has a sense of humor.”

15. “Short people problems: My mohawk car is ready to go!”

16. Short, but super creative

17. When shopping requires a helpful friend:

18. The must-have items for a concert if you are a short person

19. “To the tall guys who get cropped out of profile pictures, short people have problems too.”

20. “I just arrived in the Netherlands (where people are some of the tallest on the planet) and I can only just see the top of my head in the mirror (I am 5’5”)."

21. “When you’re short, but you’ve still got to get things clean:”

22. “The wife wanted to wash my truck. Short people problems...”

23. Climbing skills required

24. Short barbers need special shoes.

25. “Boyfriend placed his microwave on top of the fridge... He’s 6′ 2 and I’m 5′ 2 (ish). I need to grab a chair if I want use it.”

26. Household chores are harder for short people.

27. This guy stepped up and got married.

Are you a short person? What are your daily struggles and which one annoys you the most? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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