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27 Photos That Will Make You Wonder What Is Going On


Not every event in the world can be logically explained. We at Bright Side gathered funny photographic evidence of the unbelievable, mysterious, and strange things that happen around us.

27. This is definitely the flying car from Harry Potter.

26. Nothing special. Batman just decided to have dinner.

25. The Connecticut police arrested some geese for crossing in the wrong place. No, really!

24. I'll just leave it here.

23. I was sitting in one place, you see.

22. Someone had an unlucky day.

21. If someone knows what's going on here, please leave a comment.

20. Aristocrats choose public transport.

19. 2 questions: how and why?

18. Great toastmaster and...well, it's been fun!

17. A crusade in honor of Gadget Hackwrench. That's it.

16. Something weird is happening to the superheroes.

15. They found each other.

14. It looks like it fell from the sky.

13. He probably came out to smoke.

12. When you try to be a great wife but you're running late for work:

11. There is a parking problem.

10. When comfort is what you appreciate the most:

9. Here is proof of time travel:

8. I hope he is fine.

7. It looks like Ronald McDonald was tired and decided to take a nap.

6. There's a cruel punishment for incorrect answers.

5. There was no parking space in front of the house.

4. Look at the cat's emotional face.

3. Ran out of uniforms. Put on what was left.

2. Great marketing, but I wouldn't buy it.

1. Age is not a problem when you have spirit!

Preview photo credit, unknown author/imgur