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27 Superb Inventions That Make Life Twice As Easy

Laziness is the mother of invention and everybody knows it. Thanks to feeling lazy, we have remote controls, disposable plastic dishes, elevators, fast food, and diapers. Luckily, the brilliant world of engineering hasn’t come to a halt just yet. Check out this collection of amazing new inventions.

Bright Side has collected 30 useful inventions that all lazy people need.

In this elevator, you can press the buttons not only with your hand but also with your feet.

A park bench with a built-in umbrella. And your hands are free for hugs!

Using this drinking fountain, you can have water for yourself and for your dog to drink as well.

This pill package contains a foldable cup so that you can drink water after taking the medicine.

It seems like this is the best way to start exercising.

You can open the door in this bar with your foot to avoid catching any germs.

A grabbing device for those who don’t want to get on top of a chair to get something from the highest shelf.

An automatic litter box means saying farewell to the nipped nose and nasty poop scoop!

A couch holder. For those who like to keep their drinks as close as possible.

A roller ball to help you draw perfect lines in both a horizontal and vertical direction.

This device is revolutionary in the world of dog washing: a shower and a comb merging into one device that fits on your hand.

This smart shower head shows how much water you use by changing the color of its lights.

A radio-controlled mop. I don’t need a console anymore.

A smart bucket that opens its lid when you come to it and tells you when it’s full.

Oh yeah, there’s also a vacuum cleaner at the bottom.

This gadget holds book pages open for you.

This smart ice cream cone will rotate the ice cream scoop for you.

You can put ketchup on your food and seize a couple of imaginary posts on your way.

You can drink from this glass without raising it from the table.

This tie is good for both a business meeting and a power nap.

This machine makes pop corn and throws it into the owner’s mouth.

This creepy thing is a toothbrush that cleans all 32 teeth at once.

A New York citizen found a way to keep your hands free when lugging around a suitcase.

This is a waterproof inflatable gadget holder for a bathtub. I’m never leaving my tub again.

The Japanese have a good imaginations. Check out this chip holder.

The box says this thing will pat your pets for you.

A gadget for taking socks off.

A t-shirt with built-in muscles. Farewell, gyms!

A sponge filled with soap. Nothing to add.

A bed that makes itself. Is there anyone who hasn’t dreamt of such a miracle?

Inside the package of this Japanese chewing gum, you’ll find a stack of papers for you to wrap your chewed up gum into when you’re done with it.

Bonus picture: Sometimes depression attacks not only people but dogs as well. We’d only have to create an automatic man so that this dog wouldn’t stay so bored!

We’d love to have an automatic man to go to work instead of me. Hopefully someone will create him soon. Do you have any ideas that are worth being invented?

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