27 Things Created by People With a Great Sense of Humor

Not all manufacturers are crazy about marketing and sales numbers. Some of them actually take the opportunity to make a joke and produce really unusual stuff.

Bright Side gathered some of the best examples of items that were created by people with a great sense of humor.

1. Genius packaging

2. A simple way to make your love life brighter

3. Think twice before stepping on it.


- What do we have for breakfast, Barrymore?

- Porridge, sir!

5. It looks really cheap.

6. "My dog ripped open her toy, and there was a sadder toy inside."

7. I didn't see this coming.

8. When you're a real beast inside:

9. This "Nana Slicer" makes my grandma sad.

10. Do you want the chills or the tears?

11. A winner of absolutely no awards. But who cares?

12. Hotter than in Mordor!

13. Pure magic in every piece

14. Sore throat lozenges

15. We appreciate a good pun.

16. That moment when a producer knows the customer too well.

17. Is this the effect or the ingredient?

18. This packaging will tell you how to make someone else do the dishes.

19. We know what you love doing in the shower.

20. Magic mushrooms

21. For those who love red wine and white carpets

22. Practice Zen with Skittles.

23. "Good guy die manufacturer. Puts die in your die so when your die dies, you have a new die."

24. When you're allergic to cats but love them anyway:

25. Everyone needs a hug.

26. Yes, they are real.

27. Facial, anyone? Just make sure you don't scare your family.

Have you ever seen things in the supermarket that put a smile on your face? Share your photos in the comments to make us smile too.

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