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27 Times Creativity and Craziness Had a Baby

While big shot inventors take their time developing stretchy artificial skin for robots and an actual "beam of invisibility," we normal folks are interested in inventions that would work for us right now.

Bright Side has always been a huge supporter of inventive souls and hey, if it does work, don't try to fix it, right?

My girlfriend's fish was lonely...

Onions are especially violent in India.

You wanna spray it - spray it well!

When your toaster breaks down:

He should market this idea.

Barbeques seem to be different out in the country.

Someone grew up to be an engineer.

This little passenger needs to be comfy.

Mass production of sunbeds

All the help you need - physically and emotionally

Clean and drive in one... umm. Two swipes.

This table has more testosterone than I ever will.

Fancy ride, man!

Small sink, long tap

Sausage dispenser

Handy keys

New definition of a "hot plate"

Bigger shovel? No problem!

Spillage from this cupholder tho...

Sausage party!

You've never been to college if you don't find this awesome.

Too many old keyboards and not enough coat hangers? Problem solved!

A very Warhol approach to shelf space

The universal umbrella holder

Burnt vs undercooked problem solved

Suspenders in our day...

Homemade beer helmet is so homemade.

Which one of these makes you want to become an engineer yourself? Be sure to share with us in the comments!

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