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21 Times Mannequins Were Almost Too Good for This World

When it comes to creating something unusual, limits for designers cease to exist. They turn mannequins into a kind of art that makes you almost want to stop and introduce yourself to one of them. These masterpieces you’ve never seen before will definitely make your day brighter.

Bright Side can’t wait to introduce you to the most incredible mannequins!

1. When even mannequins love their suits!

2. This dress will make you look as graceful as this swan:

3. New marketing strategy?

4. K-2SO, there you are!

5. She said “Yes!”

6. When the lingerie is just right:

7. Nice to meet you!

8. A store where everyone can find something to fit their unique style.

9. Scarves can cover up anything...almost.

10. A uniform doesn’t have to restrict a child’s freedom of expression!

11. World’s most fabulous mannequin!

12. A mannequin to break all the standards of beauty.

13. We come in peace and with a fashionable purpose.

14. Why did Topshop hire Slenderman?

15. When you finally get everything you wanted:

16. Mannequins in disguise

17. Come on, mannequin, it’s going to be the best day of your life!

18. Vampires also want to look stylish.

19. When art and fashion collide:

20. I was asked to make them look French. Nailed it!

21. When your mom makes you show her the clothes you just tried on:

Have you ever seen mannequins like these? We’ll be happy to read about your experiences and see your photos in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Unknown / Reddit, Rixor14 / Reddit
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