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27 Times People Caught Real Life Glitches

Real-life glitches are happening more and more often recently and they make us feel like we are in the movie The Matrix. People share these bizarre coincidences so often that they make us believe in conspiracy theories even more. It could be the 2-wave water system or a person reading about themselves reading that same newspaper in the future or the twins on the street that make us feel like we’re playing a video game.

Here at Bright side, we collected some real-life glitches that will make you doubt your own eyes.

1. “My phone glitched while taking a picture of the sunset and this happened”

2. “People thought I only had one cat, and it kind of still looks like it.”

3. Glitch in Oxford, UK

4. When 2-wave systems traveling in different directions due to a wind shift create a cross-swell:

5. Is this bike working? Is it broken? Is it there at all?

6. Ice suspended on trees

7. “My friend got on the train and the same woman sat down 4 times...”

8. Triple glitch at a coffee shop

9. Denim glitch at Walmart

10. A lake that is a single shade of green

11. Carved wooden sculpture that looks like a digital glitch

12. Redbox glitch. Are they renting the same movie?

13. A glitch on the bus

14. A real-life glitch like in The Matrix

15. Could this be the famous Greek Hydra?

16. Is that a glass or a mirror?

17. What are the chances of a sextuple car glitch?

18. Double stairs that are messing with our brain

19. Is there a twin convention going on somewhere?

20. I think the guy on the right wins because he’s standing in the center of the circle.

21. Are they twins? Or is this just a coincidence?

22. This giant cactus

23. A panoramic picture captured this creature.

24. When you are so poor that even your shadow rendering is set to low:

25. Got lost in the matrix.

26. I still haven’t figured out this chair illusion.

27. Identical drive-through cars, in line

Have you ever experienced a real-life glitch? What was it? Did you capture it in a photo? Please let us know in the comments below. Share this article with your friends or family to show them how weird the world we live in can be.

Preview photo credit fensterdj / reddit, rembot / reddit
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