27 Times People Managed to Create a Genius Pun Using Only Their Imagination

Not only professional writers can be masters of words. Sometimes life itself gives us the opportunity to practice our comedy skills with everyday objects, and some people become really successful at it.

Bright Side gathered the most prominent examples of wordplay to make you laugh and think at the same time.

27. My daughter's first Pooh!

26. A fish tank

25. A corny joke

24. By Curt Romaine

23. When your speaking skills are not so good:

22. Sharkuterie

21. "My boyfriend is studying abroad 3,000 miles away."

20. Where's my stairway to breaden?

19. When you know who your customers are:

18. ScreenShot

17. Lionel Richie is waiting for dinner.

16. She’s leeking...

15. A true skateboard fan

14. When something's wrong with your dog:

13. Nailed it!

12. Post punk

11. Mario Cart

10. Amazing view of the Milky Way from the surface of Mars.

9. Questionable design for a new stadium in Taiwan

8. Top Secret. Bottom Secret.

7. This was a finalist in a high school art project.

6. A twister was spotted in Ireland during Storm Ophelia today.

5. This is wrong on so many levels.

4. "You can't tell me this isn't remotely adorable."

3. Brews tea mug

2. Make me some snow angles.

1. So many memories...

Do you have your own examples of hilarious puns? Share with us in the comments!

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