26 Times Something Went Hilariously Wrong on Social Media

We all use the internet every day: blogs, forums, photo-sharing platforms, social gaming, chat apps, and, last but not least, social networks. Social networks have greatly changed the way we interact with people online. Sometimes people post ridiculous stuff online accidentally or deliberately, and it doesn't always make sense.

We at Bright Side gathered the funniest posts, tweets, and comments that both puzzled us and made us laugh.

26. An unexpected reaction

Well, that was awkward.

25. Why on the face?

This proud young dad took the art of the tattoo to a whole new level.

24. They died to become an icon of saving.

Floppy disks were capable of storing 1.44 MB of data. Good old days.

23. There's no place like a planet with some chocolate.

Ok, guys, just to be clear on this point. Scientists have calculated that Earth is almost 4.54 billion years old.

22. We did not see this coming.

Heat up your lasagna, not your smartphone.

21. Do you want me to be on time or to be beautiful?

Women spend 2 years of their life applying makeup. No wonder they're always late! :-)

20. Grandpa tomato doesn't look good.

Well, technically it's still a tomato but in a liquid state.

19. Call us if you're not fully satisfied.

Literally one of the most hilarious customer complaints ever.

18. Basic math and maternity problems

Not sure if they're trolling or just can't use math in real life.

17. Socks for hands

Hey, Kickstarter, are you working on this idea already?

16. Weather forecast fail

It was cold that morning too.

15. A Photoshop pro

It's the kind of photo guys upload on dating websites.

14. When your mom digs really cool movies:

Moms + memes = epic jokes

13. Upside-down music hack

Maybe the beats will sound better. We should check that!

12. It's Beyoncé. She can do almost everything.

There are 195 countries in the world today. Beyoncé has 95 to go.

11. Ariana's superpower

Next week on Mythbusters: see if we can look like those girls on magazine covers.

10. Not everyone loves surprises.

Better ask for a selfie next time.

9. An unexpected change in your camera's plans:

You never know if you can take a really cool picture during a concert.

8. A perfect snowflake

Ok, Sheridan, you are watching too much Disney Channel.

7. Some things should be kept to yourself.

Well, the bank managers didn't do a good job explaining card security measures.

6. A juicy heartbreak

Some people are poetic, others – realistic.

5. A proper name for a real champion

She really deserves to be called by her real name.

4. Sign language

How are they really gonna SEE this?

3. At least the kiss is French.

A girl intentionally confused her friends with her selfie's caption.

2. The pilots were not welcome there.

You came to the wrong neighborhood, son.

1. These slimming leggings are way too slimming.

Some of these posts really leave you asking questions. Which one did you like the most? Have you ever seen someone being sarcastic, weird, or funny on your timeline? Share your photos in the comments.

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