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27 Times Translations Went Hilariously Wrong

Today, English is the language of the world, which means that English speakers have a unique privilege to read things translated especially for them, no matter where they go. But sometimes translations aren’t as smooth as they could be, leaving us a little confused, to say the least...

At Bright Side, we have collected the best examples of failed translations that will make you scream with laughter. Scroll down and enjoy!

1. Translations are for people who are “stupido”!

2. This lawn is bad at English, but still lovely.

3. What a wonderful country!

4. At least it’s honest.

5. In Russian, “в асс.” is short for “assortment” which means “choice”. But something definitely went wrong.

6. At least we know where the exit is.

7. Only hungry fish are fun.

8. “I’m trying my best not to be edible...”

9. And do not be afraid of fear!

10. Simply remember that you are the best.

11. Oh yeah, it’s very special.

12. Safety first!

13. “Oh no, I’m not allowed here.”

14. “Whatever is my favorite.”

15. Bean sprouts with high intelligence must be much tastier.

16. Missing Foot is very dangerous!

17. This manicure set is for iron ladies only.

18. And be careful doubting as well!

19. Good advice

20. New green motto

21. Do people.

22. Santa is likely to bring coal to this door for Christmas.

23. And for this guy, Santa prepared a special present.

24. “What am I waiting for?”

25. In other words: beware of zombie kids.

26. Hotels like this should have a rooftop landing site for flying saucers.

27. A very unpopular product this year...

Have you ever noticed any translation fails? Share them with us in the comments!

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