27 Times When Translation Fails Made the Whole World Unite in Laughter

There are more than 6,000 languages spoken around the world. Each has its own unique grammar and structure, which turns translation into pure art. As in any other field, there are ups and downs. But the failures of translation can be pretty hilarious and make the whole world unite in laughter.

Bright Side gathered for you the funniest translation fails that will make you laugh hard and definitely love languages and all the ridiculousness that comes with them. Let’s see if you find your language below.

27. Taking the eco approach to the next level!

26. It looks like a grenade, so it must be a grenade! 10 points for spelling grenade correctly!

25. Those who follow rules may be required to leave! Vive la France!

24. The government is always there for you!

23. Parents with kids unfortunately know that there is truth behind this mistranslation!

22. A new type of recycling: poisonous and evil rubbish goes here, and kind rubbish goes there!

21. Next to the "Really fat people gym"...

20. And the real question is how exactly are potatoes being treated over there?

19. Ecuadorian flamingos look slightly different from the rest of the world. Maybe it's because of visitors who keep feeding them weird food...?!

18. Well, drinking one bottle of wine can't work...but 2 or even 3 might do the trick!

17. French people really know how to ruin your self-esteem.

16. Hopefully they are pregnant with food!

15. I prefer fried wikipedia, but, like, whatever.

14. Dirty floors are being executed! Better tiptoe away.

13. An effort to simplify English in general: Entrance no, exit yes. Food no, toilet yes. Simple yes, difficult no!

12. Don't you dare leave our toilets without throwing something in them! We need to keep them fed! Om nom nom nom!

11. Internet: Hmm, let me prank these guys.

10. Where does the explosion come out?

9. No diet? I'm loving this place!

8. Honey, don't forget to buy me that bath massage thing. What thing? It literally says "bath massage thing!"

7. There's no place like...anywhere?

6. This pizza and I can be best friends: we are both constantly confused about life!

5. I was specifically told it was going to be straight...let's leave!

4. Don't throw the toilet into the WC? How about throwing the WC into the toilet?!

3. Literally translated from Meat Balls...

2. Genius! No other police force on Earth has thought of this, which is why there is so much crime out there!

1. So what kind of man are you?

Have you ever seen a funny translation fail? Do you speak any other language in addition to your mother tongue? Share with us in the comments!

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