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28 Cosplayers With Small Budgets But Huge Brains

Over the 79 years of its existence, cosplay has gained worldwide popularity. The costumes have become so detailed, impressive, and expensive that many people are afraid of even trying to join the game. These pictures will show you that creativity and fun are no worse than perfection.

Bright Side has collected 28 pictures of people who started a cosplay revolution. Their DIY costumes are made of improvised materials, and these "bad" transformations are more than creative. So take a look, and try not to smile!

1. And if you turn the pillow, it'll be the hat of Napoleon. Profit!

2. This is the best Cyclops cosplay ever!

3. I didn't know The Thing had a kid.

4. Iron Man's suit could have started like this.

5. He looks weird, but it sure is funny.

6. And this guy took creativity to a whole new level.

7. Doesn't he look like a symbiosis of the Ghost Rider and young Fester Addams?

8. The flip-flops are the best element here.

9. Don't have abs? Draw them!

10. Uh oh! I'm so scared!

11. When you love Oscars so badly you want to become one:

12. Umm... Hulk, is that you? Have you been ill?

13. This version of Homer Simpson is even crazier than the original.

14. The Silver Surfer: a student's vision

15. Should this thing be that creepy?

16. Oh, Thor... What happened? Were you kicked out of Asgard?

17. Meet the new villain: Otto Scorpius

18. It looks like SpongeBob's arms are growing out of his ears, but he's happy about it.

19. This looks like a cute green dung beetle.

20. If you don't have a spaceship, improvise!

21. How clever is this?

22. Who on Earth has stolen their shells?

23. Rub the toilet 3 times, and he will come.

24. This kid looks like he claims knowledge and ice cream to be our light in the dark!

25. Patrick himself would have loved the idea.

26. He would win all the battles with these elbow pads, don't you agree?

27. This cosplay is...precious!

28. Well, and now the absolute winner. These 2 are almost look-alikes.

Which transformation did you like the most? Do you think "bad" cosplay is hilarious? Tell us in the comments below!

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