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28 Designers Turned Ordinary Things Into Masterpieces, and We’re So Grateful for It

The things that seem ordinary to us are a never-ending source of inspiration for designers. They can create true masterpieces using the most ordinary things.

Bright Side has collected 28 examples of genius designer work that you will want to have at home.

When your hands get tired of watching movies on a smartphone:

A traffic light for the Jedi. In Ukraine.

You can wash your hands and then flush with the same water.

A curved escalator in China

A tap that shows which water is running

“My shoes photographed without flash and then again with flash.”

A Yoda bookend

A light that always paints the wall

Chamomile table

A bench and a lawn where you can have a rest

The floor is made of wooden lizards that are like a puzzle.

An ergonomic chair you won’t fall off from

An earring that turns an ear into a head

Origami cabinet doors

For those who love minimalism

A light that looks like a sunset

A pizza pool float for a group of friends

A cutting board with a drawer for trash

This calculator looks like a piano:

A walking stick with a built-in compass

These candleholders:

Pouring light lamp

Pacman ear piercing

A chair that saves space

Star-shaped clothes horse

My new hologram optical illusions lamp

Acrylic/wood chair

Chess that shows you possible moves

Have you ever come across something similar? Share your stories with us in the comments section below!

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