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28 Designers Who Deserve a Nobel Prize for Creativity

Famous French publicist and advertisement expert Frédéric Beigbeder once said, “People don’t know what they want until they are offered it.” It’s very hard to disagree with this, especially when marketers use unusual approaches to attract our attention.

Bright Side has collected 28 advertising examples which were created by real gurus of marketing. These commercials really deserve your attention.

1. These tiny tents give you a chance to touch them before you buy them:

2. The ceiling of the Lego Store is the bottom of a Lego piece.

3. A cart at a Walmart in Canada with a built-in “store GPS”

4. Bubblegum with teeth

5. These lights let you know if there’s an empty parking spot:

6. A toothbrush which lets you squeeze every last bit of the toothpaste

7. This is so genius and simple:

8. This is the best commercial for tools:

9. This bag of chips has 2 openings so you can open it more the further down you eat:

10. This bottle of soda is so elegant:

11. This always works:

12. How can you not want this pizza?

13. We really want to visit this barbershop.

14. Coffee table with an in-built fridge

15. This toilet makes sure you have a sanitary seat every time:

16. This cunning bartender wins anyway:

17. This is the best cap for a juice box:

18. A letter that loads like Windows

19. Magnetic cookie dunker

20. He is advertising himself.

21. Designers can be really funny guys.

22. An advertisement of a website where you can find a job.

23. Wine and a bouquet of tulips all-in-one

24. A fish-shaped teabag

25. Brilliant Stranger Things ad

26. A large rest stop advertisement at the entrance to a tunnel

27. A great 3D print

28. You can actually touch the jeans!

Bonus: Tesla marketers have done the best thing: they launched the first car into space and directed it to Mars!

Have you ever seen any really cool advertisements? Tell us in the comment section below!

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