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28 Epic Design Fails That Raise Too Many Questions

Nobody promised that designers will invent only beautiful and useful things. And sometimes they don’t just make something bad, they make something that turns out truly terrible. They can make a regular mirror look original but impossible to use, their stairs can’t be used for walking, and they turn shoes into unimaginable things.

We at Bright Side are sure that you have seen examples of terrible design. But were those things as creative as the ones in this compilation?

There is something wrong with The Incredibles.

“I was searching for a phone cover when this came up.”

For people who have nothing to hide:

She looks exactly like the cartoon...

When your heels have heels:

Nice porch, but where is the door?

When you try to save money and turn 2010 into 2018:

Dutch bike path, level: expert

This kids swimsuit looks a little strange.

What are these?

If only a letter existed that somewhat resembled a slice of pizza...

A chandelier would really tie all this fluorescent lighting and these ceiling tiles together.

“Don’t think the owner of this hotel thought this through.”

This Portuguese poster for soccer is so beautiful.

This mirror installation for giants found in a restaurant, for scale, I’m 5’3’’

Wasting a third of the staircase

This plug socket in this bus

At least it looks good.

This is not a bottle of water, it’s used for removing iron particles from car paint.

The on/off switch for this fan is located behind the blades.

Decide already

The illusion of loneliness

“The buttons in this hotel elevator just about gave me a stroke.”

When it’s 3 o’clock for 3 hours...

The colors of this carpet mosaic that make it look dirty

What a security system! Amazing!

A plastic compass

“I’m concerned about the inspiration behind these hotel curtains.”

Which of these photos seemed the craziest to you? Tell us in the comment section below.

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