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28 Icy Photos Proving Winter Is Not for the Faint-Hearted

If the only thing you want to do is wrap in a blanket and wait for the spring, look at our compilation. Maybe, it will make you want to give your phone to a snowman, bake a cake in freezing weather, or make a throne as in Game of Thrones. You can only do these things when it’s below zero outside.

The people from this new Bright Side compilation think winter is successful when...

...your car wheel looks like this. don’t need a mascara.

...your drive away and your car is still parked. played snowballs for the first time and you will never forget it. developed your camouflage skills. open the trunk and this happened. saw art at a regular cafe. realize that −31ºC is not that cold at all. design a modern snowman. found a perfect snowflake. make this.

...the dough just freezes like this. found a window in the attic.

...things we see every day look different.

...even the traffic lights look forward to spring.

...the snow is the cause of problem with your relationship with the neighbors. went outside and couldn’t take your eyes off the lights and the snowflakes.

...reality is cooler than Photoshop. went for a walk and realized it was a mistake. found a different way to block the road.

...your snowman looks like the Tower of Pisa because of temperature changes. enjoy the snow. realize you have to take the bus today. doesn’t help. make Game of Thrones using snowboards.

...the street looks like the ocean. can tell who walked in the snow.

...your Christmas tree can be seen from a distance.

What are your plans for this winter? Tell us in the comment section below.

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