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28 Inventions That Should Be on Every Street Corner

Even the most modern cities lack little things that could make life much easier. Like a button that keeps the green light on longer at a cross walk or markings on roads for ideal parking. After taking a look at the things on this list, you’ll definitely start hoping to see them wherever you go.

Bright Side has found 20+ examples of how technological progress and well-thought designs are sure to make our lives easier.

A great place to keep your phone.

For those who need more ports in their laptops.

Finally, you can sleep comfortably in your car!

This bathroom that gives you a choice of soap depending on whether or not you’ve eaten yet.

A coaster that uses hot or cold drinks to charge your device.

A blow-up house you can live in.

This hotel room that comes with a complimentary Android phone with free data and call service.

This parking structure that has continuous paint lines up the wall to help people park.

This is a free Band-Aid dispenser at a University.

These chairs in a ski resort restaurant have room for your gloves, helmet, hat and more.

The elevators in my office building have an umbrella sign that lights up if it’s raining outside.

Waiting for a flight? This airport has a machine that teaches you how to give CPR.

Vending machines for pets.

This mall has a charging station where you can leave your phone to charge up while you shop.

This phone charging station that gets power from your ability to pedal away.

Seniors can extend crossing time for their convenience.

This is a bitcoin ATM.

This box of tomatoes that has the name and a photo of the worker who packed it.

This bridge has a crisis hotline machine.

This dishwasher lets you know how much time is left.

“This is a tiny single-use pre-pasted toothbrush I got in a restaurant in Rome.”

A button to save people from crossing the desert in Mexico.

“The design of the curtains in my hotel room ensures that there is no annoying light gap in the middle.”

These sheets that tell you what side of the bed to put them on.

This special cat door.

This bar in Utah has an ice strip across it to keep drinks cool.

This immigration office in Korea has glasses you can borrow for filling out forms.

“There’s a carriage on Swiss trains for children!”

Which of these awesome inventions would you like to have in your city? Tell us in the comment section below!

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