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28 People Who Didn’t Turn to Pros and Regretted It Deeply

When renovating our home, we always try to find ways to save some money. Of course, there are lots of “experts” out there who set really low prices for their services, but be ready to find an outlet in the shower or a door right under the ceiling. What can we say? Grab your phone and take some pictures if this happens.

Bright Side hopes these people weren’t too disappointed, but were able to just laugh it off and go hire a true professional instead.

For risk-takers

“I can watch myself in the bathroom in 500 different dimensions.”

It’s a true ninja house.

A closet for things you’ll never need (or be able to reach)

“Honey, I nailed it!”

“I’m seeing double...”

Bright side: It could be the perfect place to hide your chocolate from others.

Maybe these guys just don’t want to meet their neighbors.

100% sun protection

When you’re a master of inventiveness:

For those who have nothing to hide:

Try to get inside. Warning: It’s not that easy.

When you don’t want to communicate with people:

When you tell your designer you want an open floor plan:

“Please explain to me why they need this?”

Power outlets for those who aren’t afraid of danger:

This house is not for guests.

It’s the perfect lock...

Because stairs are dangerous.

Maybe a basketball player lives here.

These people need light more than they need air.

Why cut the door when you can just cut the carpet?

Your home is all about having your own comfort zone.

When an architect practices building houses in the Sims game:

When you throw logic out the window, but the work must go on:

“My friend said his neighbor violated his personal space.”

“This is my apartment after renovations.”

He probably wants to feel that spring is finally coming.

Do you think it’s a good idea to try to save money during renovations?

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