20+ People Who Have Just Made the Worst Decision of Their Lives

According to researchers, people make most of their decisions subconsciously. This process helps our brain relax and pay more attention to important issues. As our article shows, we should probably focus on the less important things to avoid regrets later.

Bright Side reminds you to remember that we are homo sapiens who should stay rational in any situation. Read until the end — there's a bonus for you there.

1. Oh, God.

2. Wait for it!

3. Is this what you really wanted, dude?

4. New level of safety at work

5. Just checking to see if it works

6. When you're falling from a bridge, you know that all your problems can be solved. Except one: the fact that you are falling.

7. A true man wants two things: danger and play.

8. Or, read first.

9. The ball is the only smart one here.

10. This probably wasn't the best idea.

11. When you can't stand the heat anymore:

12. Is heart disease really the number one cause of death?

13. Move a little more to the right, please.

14. In my opinion, delivery charges are too high.

15. There are no limits to our creativity.

16. The highest level of protection.

17. What potential instability looks like.

18. The moment before the pain

19. My magic hat will save me.

20. I can see sparks in his eyes.

21. If there's no ladder in your house, follow this simple instruction.

22. Ironman. The Fast and the Furious version.

23. Are you feeling dizzy?

24. When you're done with life:

25. New superhero: Cable-man.

26. I've got you, don't worry!

27. They look like they're swallowing my feet.

28. Please, jump as high as you can.

Bonus: humans aren't the only ones that make bad decisions.

Have you ever made bad decisions? How did it affect your life? Share your stories in comments!

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