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28 People Who Won’t Forget Their Online Purchases Anytime Soon

According to statistics, 84% of internet users made at least one online purchase last year. And it is no wonder as online shopping is not only convenient but can also be very profitable. However, sometimes you don't get exactly what you wanted. And sometimes it's not something you wanted at all.

Bright Side has collected the best examples of very cruel but very funny online disappointments.

"This is not what I wanted!"

"I got my jeans. Is this a joke?"

What a food container!

I was promised a "huge" bear.

It's hard to imagine what kind of a journey it was on.

Very similar!

"I'm happy with my order."

"So much disappointment for my $90."

Designer clothes

Thanks a lot, China.

"Oh, yes! I look great!"

The reality can be very cruel.

It's a beautiful bouquet!

"The cat Buddha I ordered for my friend vs what Amazon actually delivered."

At least the fur is present.

When you ordered dishes from AliExpress:

At least the disappointment is small.

"I ordered this suit on AliExpress. It is a little different, but my friends find me very cute in it."

"Actually, my daughter wanted a bear-shaped balloon and not a fat rabbit."

Thanks for the memories!

My kids got this puzzle of an underwater scene...

Minnie Mouse has changed.

"I ordered a Rilakkuma pillow online."

"This is what can happen when you buy an alpaca online."

Looks like the cat escaped!

The haircut looks a little different...

"So I ordered a chair for my room from Amazon, and this is what I got."

"It looks exactly the same on me."

Have you ever been in a situation where online shopping was a terrible disappointment? Share your stories and photos in the comment section below!

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