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28 People Whose Glorious Manes Make Us Green With Envy

According to a survey, both men and women are attracted by a good head of hair. Men will likely make a compliment about a woman’s nice hair and women will notice a man with good hair even if he is not traditionally handsome. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same perception of what’s nice and what isn’t and that’s why we end up seeing so many funny and curious haircuts in the streets.

Bright Side would like to pay its respects to these humans who defy the public’s opinion and just make everyone around them envious.

1. He is your worst nightmare at a concert.

2. Promoting Dreamworks the best way possible

3. Elvis in disguise

4. When only your hair goes surfing:

5. This kid’s hair is destined to be famous:

6. Fasten your seatbelts. We’re ready to take off.

7. Protecting himself from the dangers of sunlight

8. There’s a hurricane a-coming.

9. She will just distract you from the high prices.

10. Did someone say Dragonball?

11. There’s a rattail, and then there’s a beaver tail.

12. As if the subway’s doors were open while on the move.

13. A make up brush came to life.

14. At least they’re Nike and Lacoste.

15. If you can’t buy it, you find another way to have it.

16. It’s beautiful.

17. Amy Winehouse’s biggest fan.

18. You work with what you have.

19. A great solution to a hearing problem.

20. The customer is not always right. Barbers, learn to say “no.”

21. His hair is the only thing he cares about.

22. Confusing, isn’t it?

23. For what..?

24. A landing space for UFOs

25. New Beats by Dr. Dre.

26. Rings are not just for fingers.

27. Hope the glue isn’t permanent...

28. Too cool to care about what others think.

Which one of these haircuts surprised you and made you laugh the most? Please tell us your opinions down in the comments section.

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