28 Phenomenal People Who Just Don’t Care Anymore

There is a kind of person whose view of the world is the same whether they are 7 or 77 years old. Their sense of humor doesn't become more cynical, and they are just as happy as they were at any age and under any circumstances.

Bright Side has collected 28 photos of people who are still children deep inside. And this fact makes their parents happy. Let's take a look at them and have fun!

"My boyfriend is a seller on Amazon. This is what I came home to."

"My pregnant wife is practicing her swaddling. Skittles isn't a fan."

"My friend's grandmother being jet skied out of her living room in Houston."

"My coworker went on maternity leave, so we decided to grow a lawn on her desk."

"My friend went to a wedding. Someone took this. Enjoy, internet."

"My friend had a medieval themed wedding, and her grandpa showed up like this."

"Day 14 of wife being on a work trip"

"My 73-year-old friend and mentor went to the midnight showing of The Hobbit."

"When you take a selfie with your kids on a carnival swing ride..."

"I'm picking a fight with my wife."

"My 91-year-old grandpa is a WWII veteran, and this is him behind the machine gun of a B24 at a museum, the same plane he flew in the war. He was super excited!"

"I let my boyfriend choose a shower curtain, and now we have this."

"Telehubbies. My old colleague was having a BBQ with friends, and his wife captured the perfect moment. Sorry, Trey :)"

"I came home, and it took me 45 minutes to find my wife. She is hiding in this couch. Pro tip: marry your best friend."

"Halloween. Everyone loved my girlfriend's costume. I thought I'd share it here."

"I went to Goodwill, and now I'm counting down the minutes until my boyfriend comes home."

"My ordinary day: my neighbor is wearing a hot dog costume and resting outside."

"How I showed up at work today for the ugly sweater contest:"

"My pregnant wife demanded I go to the store for frozen yogurt. I was tempted to play a joke but wanted to live."

"My dad looks exactly like Mark Hamill and came to the theatre in costume."

His girlfriend forgot about the scheduled maternity shoot and made other plans. He decided his money wouldn't go down the drain just like that.

"My husband bet me I couldn't shave his foot without him waking up. This is what he woke up to this morning:"

You were warned.

"My husband left me a present in the bathroom."

"I left my roommate a surprise, and she actually did it."

"My boss insists on using webcams during meetings. I insist on being a wizard."

I do what I want.

Obviously, he is not a fan of shopping!

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